International Baccalaureate
Contact: Chuck Chamberlain
phone: (503) 399-3252

International Baccalaureate Advanced Placement
International standard of excellence National standard of excellence
Teachers are evaluated, monitored and given feedback No feedback from teachers
Six exams in six subject areas required, in areas of strength and sometimes weaker areas Exams selected by student only in areas of strength
Evaluation includes teacher's assessment, submitted work, and oral exams Evaluation is by examination only
Exams are primarily written essay Exams also emphasize multiple choice
A diploma is issued which is recognized internationally No diploma is issued
Other requirements exist, like CAS, Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge No requirements outside examination
Exams based on broad general knowledge and fundamental themes Exams based on on-depth mastery of more specific concepts
Exams are marked in places all over the world, as well as headquarters in Wales Exams are marked in Princeton, by U.S. educators
Student must attend an authorized school and be enrolled in IB courses Student does not have to be enrolled in an authorized school or AP course
Register in Fall Register in Spring
No refunds Short time frame for refunds